CaaS WalletTM

A powerful suite of business tools to monetize inventories

Introducing the world’s first corporate wallet

Empowering CFOs with a wide capability for monetizing inventories and receivables and
aggressively paying suppliers

Inventory Card

The 1TCC™ Inventory Card provides funding support for industry to pay for new inventory without the need to pay upfront. No more treasury and liquidity issues, 1TCC™ allows you to access more capital, without adding to your balance sheet.

Factoring Card

Pre-agreed terms give you flexibility and dynamic decision-making power to better respond to your cash flow needs.

SupplierPay Card

The 1TCC™ Supplier Card  plays as an intermediary between your company and the supplier. It facilitates your payment process. Pay suppliers on accelerated terms to deepen supplier relations and ensure priority.

Enabling CFOs to build sustainable, healthy inventory ecosystems