Banking partners

Diversity bank products and grow your market share

Disrupt the market with 1TCC™

We work in synergy with our global banking partners to create programs that enhance working capital efficiency for our investment-grade clients, enabling improved liquidity and access to higher levels of capital. 

What’s in it for our banking partners?

Market penetration

●  Inventory holding

●  Portfolio expansion

Market development

●  Grow new clients

●  Capture new segments

Product development

●  Repeatable

●  Scalable

Product diversification

●  Sticky platform

●  Enhanced governance

How does this works?

TCC TradeCo business model

Reduces cost by Leveraging buyer’s credit profile against the cost of capital of other parties in a supply chain.

Goods held by TCC-contracted logistics company, TCC TradeCo assumes risk.

Assures delivery to/payment directly from the creditworthy buyer.

Takes assignment of a take-or-pay contract: Purchasing goods from supplier at discount below the supplier’s cost of capital and/or selling to buyer at mark-up.

Client benefits

For buyers

> Postpones ownership until inventory is needed

> Assures availability of custom and strategic inventory

> Buyer may negotiate a lower cost of goods

> Hedge against inflation

> Reduces supplier risk by supporting supplier liquidity

> Contributes to efficient use of capital metrics

For sellers

> Accelerates sale of goods on a non-recourse/true sale basis

> Reduces the cost of carrying inventory 

> Improves working capital and free cash flow

> Provides a “natural currency hedge”

> May lower manufacturing costs

1TCC™ Lender's Portal

Robust reporting and support platform

●  Program details

●  Interests

●  Exposures

●  Risk management

●  Track and trace

●  Legal assistant

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