Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know About Capital-as-a-Service to Get Started

CaaS allows you to unlock liquidity on agreed terms. 

TCC will fund and hold inventories for you. 

This model can be applied to several industries, including hi-tech, automotive, industrial and consumer product segments.  

TCC will charge its service fees only on the basis of capital deployed. 

Because your Weighted Average Cost of Capital is expensive and your investors would like you to maximize returns on invested capital.  Your investors want you to focus on your core competencies and not have capital tied up in inventories or receivables.  In order to justify high price-earnings multiples you need to operate on a lean asset-light balance sheet.

TCC connects with the most efficient sources of capital, providing yield at low risk to investors.

TCC will hold title to the inventories and receivables financed.

TCC will source funds on the basis of your latest credit standing, secured against inventories and receivables at attractive rates. Due to implementation costs, TCC’s services are optimized for programs deploying at least $50 million in capital and may not be cost effective for smaller programs. 

Secured financing is based on:

(i) Your credit worthiness 

(ii) First priority lien on inventory together with customary contractual terms to favor competitive funding of your assets. 

Prior to committing to a multi-year contract and proceeding with the implementation phase, 1TCC™ presents our Pilot Program, available at a reduced investment. This allows you to experience the benefits of our platform on a smaller scale, offering an introduction of what 1TCC™ can achieve for your business. During the onboarding process, our dedicated team will guide you through every step, ensuring consistent support and a seamless transition. 

Further, 1TCC™ offers a Blueprinting Procedure to best understand the client’s inventory process and illustrate how the 1TCC™ platform will enhance working capital and balance sheet metrics.

1TCC™ has significantly shaped the landscape in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our meticulously architected platform adheres to the highest quality and governance standards, meeting stringent compliance requirements within these industries.  

Moreover, 1TCC™ exhibits vast potential in sectors such as automotive, hi-tech, and industrial. What sets us apart is our exceptional team—the only supply chain solution comprised of experts accumulating over 500+ years of collective industry and supply chain experience. Their expertise allows 1TCC™ to not only understand but adeptly navigate and optimize the unique challenges presented in every industry's supply chain.

Serving as an intermediary, 1TCC™ actively engages all supply chain stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and warehousers. 1TCC™ causes minimal disruption to existing supplier relationships and the physical flow of goods. 

Further, our client portal acts as a centralized hub that provides access to a range of functionalities such as funding, TradeCo buy/hold/sell capabilities, track and trace, supply chain execution, and financial reporting. Additionally, clients can leverage bolt-on logistics and warehousing services through our global top-tier partnerships. Thus, with 1TCC™, clients maintain complete supply chain visibility.   

It's important to note that 1TCC™ is not merely a financial service or a 3PL; we stand as a dynamic inventory intermediary that improves working capital and balance sheets for clients.

We offer our services at a competitive rate of 185 - 250 basis points over SOFR for investment-grade clients, subject to credit rating terms and conditions.

Integrating the 1TCC™ platform into your workflow is impact free—no additional software or complex implementation actions needed. 1TCC platform’s integration hub seamlessly integrates with external applications and ERPs like SAP, Oracle, Infor, Netsuite. 1TCC™ is a user-friendly, integrated portal that delivers results without any obstacles or delays.