At TCC, we flourish together.​

TCC is committed to the highest standard of ethics, governance and authenticity. We strive to create a culture of diversity, gender equality, inclusion, openness and transparency at our workplace and in the communities we serve. Our culture fosters collaboration and recognizes participants for their unique contributions in delivering customer delight.

TCC's objective is to make every individual feel valued and on a pathway to accomplishing personal life goals.

Our Vision

TCC envisions unhindered global trade, supported by outsourced capital available on demand.

Our Mission

TCC’s mission is to help enhance the shareholder value of our customers by enabling them to right-size their balance sheets by providing liquidity and capital efficiency. 


Business Model

TCC recognizes the challenges client CFOs face. Our goal is to enable the CFO to be able to right-size their balance sheet by having TCC enable capital efficiency and deliver liquidity. The two-pronged benefit is in taking the inventory assets off your balance sheets giving you the ability to use that capital more efficiently and for projects that raise shareholder value.


Flourish in an Open Culture

Finance is no longer the sole provenance of people who went to the right schools and work in skyscrapers.  We are democratizing capital and creating an environment where merit and hard work are the sole criteria for success.

Core Values

Our Values and Beliefs Guide Our Work

  • Integrity: We value this above everything else as we hold the trust of our investors and clients and will stay steadfast in protecting their interests. 
  • Customer focus: TCC is passionate about delivering real, positive impact for our clients.
  • Empathy: We care about our team, customers, partners, investors, and all other stakeholders in equal measure. We treat everyone no less than how we would like to be treated. 
  • Learning: TCC fosters a learning environment that enables professional and personal growth.
  • Balance of life: We value family time and advocate work-life balance and an environment that allows for flexibility and mutual accommodation.  
  • Diversity:  Diversity starts at the top at TCC, which is a minority-owned business. TCC is committed to deliver the highest level of service, regardless of race, nationality, ethnic background, gender or gender orientation.